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We're just a couple of crazies!

If you want to know more about the faces behind the mask called KalloScope, you’ve come to the right place!






We breathe life into words to create a powerful pitch and a compelling story. With a combined experience of close to a decade, we keep it refreshingly real with each word we craft, giving brands a voice and personality they truly deserve. 




When we’re not busy collaborating with brands, we end up planning our forever-delayed backpack trip. Or eating. Or dieting. Or breaking a sweat at Zumba

We’re Karishma and Richi.

Thinkers. Explorers. Creators. Bathroom Singers.




A number of quirks brought us together as friends first and partners later - our OCD-ness, grammar nazi-sm, nerd-ism (or so people say!) and pun-intended wacky humour! Oh, and storytelling.